Service for professionals - sell your Boats in "D, A, CH"

Gebrauchtboote.net is one of the best known online-boatmarkets for the german speaking countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

That is not only because we do have the best possible domain which is "www.gebrauchtboote.net /.de /.at /.org", (the german expression of "preowned boats" - its also because we are founded in 1999, completely independent, and we do a lot of marketing in the biggest german boat-magazines, boatfairs and in the social-media. Therefor Gebrauchtboote.net is one of the most frequented boatmarkets in central europe and highly succsessful in fast connecting sellers and buyers.

Benefit from the reputation of Gebrauchtboote.net and start selling your boats to the countles users of our boatmarket.

Please send us a short message and we will be happy to provide you with our reasonable conditions.





   Gebrauchtboote.net booth at the
   trade-fair "Boot" in Düsseldorf.