Security Features

We have implemeted a lot of security-features to protect you, when using our boatmarket.

  • SSL-encryption on a very hight level - every data between your device and our website is fully encrypted
  • All users - sellers and buyers - are registered and verified via a double-opt-in routine to check the email and/or a modern "phone-verification-system" to verify the correct phone-number
  • registering with a "unsecure" email address like "...@hotmail.com" is not possible
  • all private data of our users staying private as long as you decide to make it visible
  • phone numbers of sellers are only visible to registered and logged in users
  • Email communication takes place via a form, which keeps the email of sender and receiver private as long as the seller decides to show his email to the public
  • The real-names of sellers and buyers are replaced with a username
  • All postal addresses are kept private
  • Geoblocking keeps cheaters and impostors away from the site. (Sorry Nigeria-connection)
  • ...and if a classified looks "wrong" to you, maybe just bcs the seller has made a mistake, let us know by clicking the -icon and we will check the listing immediately.